Spy app is not a new concept or software for most of the people who are using smartphones themselves. Many people, mostly parents, are known to use them also to track the virtual activities of their children through their smartphones. But still yet there are people who are hesitant to put these apps in their daily use for monetary reasons as they are not ready to shell out subscription costs and are on the look for free cell phone tracker apps. Same is the case for first time users of spy apps as they feel they could pay for branded spy apps like the mSpy once they are familiar with the workings of such apps. Also some people are afraid to use this app as they fear about the consequences that would arise in the case if the person being spied upon realizes about it. So they are searching for options for how to track a cell phone without them knowing.

Want To Track Phones For Free? Get The Best Phone Tracker

Mspy is one such app that has the stealth feature which when downloaded in the target app for monitoring purpose, is hidden away from the eyes of the user of the target device.

Let us look at a list of spy apps which could provide with the features that most of us are looking for in a spy app:

  1. Hoverwatch free mobile tracker, a free cell phone tracker:

This is a free cell phone tracker app which has all the necessary features of a spy app like monitoring call and sms tracking, GPS monitoring, browsing history monitoring, tracking third party apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger etc. This app is the answer to the question of how to track a cell phone without them knowing as it comes with the stealth feature and the user of the target device remains completely oblivious to the presence of the spy app in his device. There is a special feature of this app wherein if the user of the target device replaces the sim card due to any reason, still the user of the spy app can monitor the activities of the target device.

  1. Shadow-spy spy app for how to track a cell phone without them knowing:

This is the best app for people who want to try a spy app for free before subscribing to a spy app as it comes with a 3 day trial period where the user can use all the features to their hearts content and decide whether they would like to shell out a reasonable amount for a full fledged yearly subscription. The performance of this app is such that people end up applying for the full subscription even before the end of the trial period. To do so one can check for free cell phone tracker online.

  1. Cell phone tracker for free cell phone tracker online:

This is not a free app but has a flexible and reasonable pricing structure which one can choose from according to their needs as well as budget. Accordingly the features that you get within one structure will differ from the features of a higher paid structure. After an easy download and installation it goes about its work in a stealth mode so that the user of the target device is completely unaware about its presence in the device and its’ working.

I hope the above reviews about free cell phone tracker online apps have answered your question of how to track a cell phone without them knowing.

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