What is it that motivates you to exercise? Is it weight loss? Do you want a healthy heart?  Or is it a clear mind you want? Are there some jeans hidden in the back corner of your wardrobe that you’re just desperate to get into again? All of these are viable and helpful motivators for exercise.  And the more motivators you have to stay active, the more likely you will be to stick to your routine and achieve your goals.

Well here’s a new motivator you can add to your list: You can now exercise and save the planet at the same time.

How You Can Exercise AND Save The Planet!

“Green” Exercise Machines

During my regular workout at my Northampton gym last week, my instructor, knowing my interest in all things green, gave me some incredible news. There’s a new breed of exercise equipment that is actually making it possible to save the planet while you exercise. “Green” exercise machines allow the user’s workout to power the lights, stereos, televisions and all the other amenities in the gym. How amazing is that?

These machines are a great reminder of the opportunities there are for utilizing human exercise as a viable energy source. Wouldn’t it be amazing to cut your energy bills each month just by doing your usual cardio workout? Equipment like this can also bring an entirely new motivation and dimension to your exercise regime. Suddenly, your spin class is not only about toning your bottom! It is spectacularly transformed into a workout that contributes to global health. The electricity generated by 45 minutes of exercise might seem like a drop in the ocean, but like everything eco-friendly – every little step (or spin) makes a difference — now that’s really motivating!

You can Build your Own Green Gym

I’m hopeful that before we know it there’ll be a “green gym” around every corner, but if there isn’t one in your neighbourhood as yet, there are still things you can do to exercise the eco way! If your gym is within a few miles of where you live or work, then why not bike, walk or run to get there? The petrol you’ll save from driving to and from the gym will make a big difference to the planet, and you’ll even have half of your cardio done by the time you step foot inside the gym! You could also try walking to and from the bank or the shops – and carrying full reusable shopping bags on the way home is a great workout for your biceps!