Wind has its importance in these days, but it is different in a few countries, people can turn the bad wind for good purpose, there are equal advantages and disadvantages of it, depends upon how we use it,  so here are some amazing facts about wind energy you haven’t heard of.

Amazing Facts About Wind You Dont Know

  1. Do you know that? The usage of wind energy and wind mills has been since 2000 B.C., first in China and Persia.
  2. The fastest source of growing electricity production in the world is with wind energy.
  3. Lowa and South Dakota are the only places, that they have generated wind energy using mills; almost 25% of energy was supplied in 2013, and continuing with the same.
  4. Did you ever hear that single turbines can supply power to almost 500 homes! And it’s  true
  5. It was the best ever storage of wind energy, the shepherds Flat wind project, which is the largest project in the United States of America in 2012. It stored almost (845 megawatts) of energy and breaking the early record of Roscoe Wind Farm which was (781.5 megawatts).
  6. Worldwide, wind energy stores 168 million megawatts per hours, which reduces almost 95.6 metric tons of Carbon dioxide.
  7. Don’t know why, but many Wind turbines more than 95% are fixed in private lands only.
  8. Comparing to earlier turbines, which were in 1990, the modern turbines produce 15 times more.
  9. The modern turbines have only 3 blades, which can rotate almost 320kph which is 200mph.
  10. In Texas, 25% of power is supplied from the wind turbines.
  11. Where in Spain it produces 45% of electricity.
  12. It is said that the United States will save nearly more than 25 trillions of water bottles by 2030 with wind energy.
  13.  As said before wind energy became the best source to generate energy, like never before in 2012 United Sates stores 45% of wind energy in 2012.
  14. Around the United States almost 44 countries manufacture wind related Products.
  15. California followed Kansas, Michigan, Texas, and New York in 2013 and installed wind project which generates 269 megawatts.
  16. As gathered information, the United States has 46,000 operating wind turbines.
  17. Both Nevada and Puerto Rico have added their first utility-scale projects during 2012.
  18. According to 2013, 12 stated Texas, Iowa, California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, North Dakota, and Wyoming recorded 80% of electricity to the U.S. as per electricity monthly report.