You’ve got a big, empty cavity at the bottom of your home that has fallen into disrepair. Hiring out basement foundation repair in Oklahoma is your next step, but what will you eventually do with the space? Here are five ideas.

Home Theatre

Who doesn’t enjoy watching an action film with great surround sound? Putting a big screen, amplifier and speaker system into the underground space is a great idea because you can watch movies in pitch black surroundings. The sound also stays within the walls, making for an immersive experience. When you’ve got a sofa or two and soft carpet to rest your feet on, you probably won’t be driving out to the mall anytime soon. It’s just too cozy to stay home.

Storage Space

While not necessarily a “fun” option, basement foundation repair in Oklahoma can help you prepare your subfloor for a storage room. It can cost a lot of money to pay a facility to keep your extra goods. Besides, it’s more convenient to have those things at home anyway. If you’re in the process of liquidating some of your belongings, keeping them close allows you to sell them as your time permits. Another option is using part of the area for storage, and another portion for something else.

Extra Apartment

Families with teenagers or aged parents may find it beneficial to give their relatives their own independent spaces. Underground floors can be completely outfitted with plumbing to allow for a full bath and kitchen. Sure, it could be dangerous to make a cooking area for an adolescent, but those kids will have to learn eventually, right? Senior citizens may not be willing to give up cooking, so let them enjoy it for as long as it’s still safe for them to do so. In some cases, you could offer the space to someone for an agreed-upon price.

Tornado Shelter

When you live in a tornado-prone area, you have to be prepared. When a twister comes, it’s just like the movies: loud and destructive. Finishing your basement foundation repair in Oklahoma can give your underground space the structural strength to be used as a shelter. This can give family heads a lot of comfort. Even when the rest of the family is at home while dad is out working, those in the house have a place to go for shelter. Sure, the upper part of the home may suffer damage, but at least it shouldn’t affect anyone who escaped to the subfloor. Pets can also be brought down to the bunker for protection.

Man Cave

There’s something about men and their toys. A lot of guys who work hard like to have a space where they can go and live life on their own terms. Fitness-conscious types may wish to build a small home gym downstairs. Others may build entertainment rooms with pool, darts, ping pong or even arcade games. Whatever you do, leave your barbecue out on the patio, because chances are, your downstairs space won’t provide sufficient ventilation.

Basement foundation repair in OKC can provide many possibilities. If you have your project done right, you may even be able to add value to your home.

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